Spotlight on EZ Bikes & Scooters in Exeter

We love to hear from bike store owners and staff on the Seacoast. Board member Annie Poubeau recently met with Teresa Robles, co-founder of EZ Bikes & Scooters in Exeter.

SABR: Hello Teresa, thank you for your time! When did your store first open? 

Teresa: My husband, Tom, and I started EZ Bikes & Scooters in 2009 as a sister company to Autosound of NH which Tom started in 1979.

SABR: Who’s your staff and what are their specialty?  

Teresa: Our staff includes Sean Beauman/technician, Steve Phillips/technician/sales, Dan Snook/sales, Steve Lambert/sales/delivery and Chad Boardman/technician.

SABR: What brands of e-bikes do you carry? 

Teresa: Magnum, Addmotor and Scootstar

SABR: How has the pandemic changed the store? How is it reflected in your clientele? 

Teresa: We were extremely busy during 2020, much to our surprise.  Because people couldn’t travel safely, they were looking for stay-at-home vacations and fun things to do.  Scooters and e-bikes were a popular go-to.  The increased demand made us very aggressive in ordering inventory this year.  We’re happy to say that we have a generous supply of e-bikes and over 75 scooters in stock.

SABR: I have been asking this question for a while now; in the case of ebikes I found that more and more people are attracted to them- what’s your experience over the years?

Teresa: Glad you asked! When we started in 2009, e-bike stores were very few and far between.  People here just didn’t know much if anything about them so we spent a lot of time introducing the bikes to the Seacoast.  We participated in everything we could – home shows, fairs, concerts, expos, parades, farmer’s market, and more from Boston to Conway.  Thankfully that “sweat-equity” paid off.  If someone rode an e-bike chances are they would want one.  Tom always told people, “if you don’t hoot, holler and scream, I’ll give you $20”.  Never had to pay out as everyone always came back with a smile.  E-bikes are so popular now thanks to more and more people finding out how wonderful they are.  You can get as much or as little exercise as you want. 

SABR: Any thoughts you’d like to share with SABR members? 

Teresa: If you haven’t ridden an electric bike, stop in and take one for a spin.  You’ll be amazed by just how fun they are.  And, if you don’t hoot, holler and scream, we’ll give you $25!!!

Thank you, Teresa! EZ Bikes & Scooters  is located at 61 Epping Rd in Exeter. Visit or call for hours: (603) 778-1402