SABR's Free Bike Light program

2022 marks the start of a new SABR program: Free Bike Lights! No one wants to get caught out at night without lights, and our long, dark winters make it even more likely to happen. Lights help you to BE seen as well as see, which is an often overlooked benefit. On top of that, if you’re riding in the dark, it’s the law.

SABR is here to lend a helping hand. This year we’ve purchased many sets of front and rear bike lights that we’ll be distributing to those folks that are trying to go without. We’ll be working with organizations around the seacoast and the local police to get these lights to the people who need them most.

Thanks to Seacoast E-bikes for making this possible. If you’d like to contribute to this initiative, or any other part of SABR, please consider a donation.