Middle Street Bike Lane – Now We Wait

After over 2 hours of presentations and public comments on two topics unrelated to the Middle Street bike lane, general public comments were finally permitted and reflected overwhelming opposition to the Kennedy/Huda motion to put parked cars back at the curb. 

The council email addendum also showed a flood of emails in opposition—we are still tallying them at this point but close to a hundred letters opposed the motion with only a handful favorable to it.

SABR was impressed to hear from several kids, former councilors, former assistant city manager, head of the statewide Bike/Walk Alliance, business owners, and residents young and old.

The meeting adjourned around 10:30 after the end of public comments, and it will start again next Monday at 6:30 pm; this is when the Kennedy/Huda motion will be proposed to the City Council. No public comment will be permitted then. We will keep you all updated on Tuesday morning.

Thank you all for your continued support!