Light Up and Spread the Word!

As the days grow shorter, we bike riders may have some new challenges to consider.

Of course, we all know riding in the dark requires extra caution. It can be harder to see debris in the road, and we’re harder for motorists to see. As such, it’s a solid strategy to put as much light on your bicycle as you can! I’ve been known to run three headlights and two taillights, just in case a charge runs low. I get better visibility and no one has ever been able to say that they didn’t see me coming.

Aside from the dark, however, sunrise and sunset can be particularly troublesome as we head into winter. Due to the low angle of the sun in the sky and the shortened day, motorists can have a particularly hard time with the sun in their eyes this time of year. As bike riders, there isn’t much we can do on the road to offset this other than our normal self preservation techniques – be visible, be aware of surroundings. Off the bike, however, we can do one important thing…

Tell our driving friends and family to be on the lookout for bike riders, ESPECIALLY when the sun is rising and setting as visibility is reduced. And get some lights on that bike!

Let’s all have a safe ride out there.