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New date! Portsmouth Mayor’s Ride

The Portsmouth’s Mayor’s Ride has been rescheduled for Sunday, June 11 at noon. Participants should meet at 11:30am with their…


May is Bike Month!

What’s your commute like this spring? SABR Board Member and year-round bike commuter…
  • December 1, 2020

Holiday Photo Contest!

This year there’s sadly no holiday parade in our towns and no way to display our…

  • Volunteering for SABR is a great way to help make the Seacoast a better place for bicycling, and have fun doing it. My wife Heidi and I actually met volunteering for SABR at the Portsmouth Criterium kids race! Who knew bike advocacy could change your life?

    Scott Bogle

  • I like volunteering with SABR because I am passionate about bicycling – whether it’s to get groceries or to simply feed my soul by going for a ride. I like knowing that I am helping to create or to preserve access for people on bikes, which results in a cleaner, greener, and healthier community.

    Karen Saltus

  • I love working with SABR because of it’s vitally important mission — to make the Seacoast better for biking.  AND because of the awesome people involved.  It’s always about the people!

    Anne Rugg

  • Riding my bicycle in the Seacoast has introduced me to a whole community of cyclists who are happy to share great experiences. Volunteering for SABR allows me to share the experience of cycling with our broader Seacoast community and encourage more of my friends, neighbors, colleagues, and lawmakers to join in the freedom and joy of riding one’s bike.

    Ian Sleeper

  • Get involved with SABR and I promise you will make new cycling friends.
    But there’s more: Meet people you enjoy spending time with that share your vision for a better world too.

    Jon Mullen



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About Us


Who We Are

Seacoast Area Bike Riders (SABR) is a diverse group of bike riders in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and contiguous parts of Maine. Our vision is to make cycling the new normal on the Seacoast and in our culture. SABR promotes cycling as a way of life for recreation and utility for all Seacoast residents through advocacy, education, and events.


Our History

In 1992 a group of local bicyclists formed Seacoast Area Bicycle Routes (SABR). The intent was to ensure that bicycle infrastructure would be part of regional planning initiatives following the closure of the Pease Air Base. During the three decades since then the group has helped shape some of the region’s most significant bicycle infrastructure.

In 2019 SABR officially changed part of its name – from “Routes” to “Riders.” We wanted to broaden our mission to not only advocate for bicycle infrastructure but also to promote bicycle use as part of a changing way of life. As Seacoast Area Bicycle Riders, we now offer a number of programs, activities, rides, and events – all of which are designed to encourage more people from many different segments of our population to get on their bikes. We continue to advocate strongly for improved bicycle infrastructure. The following projects reflect our successes and track record.


Where We’ve Made a Difference

Here are some of our project highlights…

  • Rockingham Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge
  • Memorial Bridge Bike Lanes
  • Pease Multi-use Grafton Drive Path
  • Little Bay Bridge Bike/Pedestrian Crossing
  • Portsmouth Middle Street/Lafayette Road Bike Lane
  • Hampton Branch Rail Trail
  • SheRides Seacoast
  • Seacoast VeloKids
  • Bicycle Benefits
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