Advocacy Alert: Route 1 Project Public Information Meeting

seal for City of Portsmouth

NH DOT Route 1 Project Public Information Meeting – Wed Nov 18 at 4 pm via Zoom:

Public Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting for the US 1 project between Wilson Road and Ocean Road will present refined versions of the alternatives that the team is working to develop and discuss next steps.

For the Zoom link, click here. Passcode: 504396

Let NHDOT know that bicycle and pedestrian improvements to Lafayette Road are important to you! While it may not be your top choice for a scenic ride, this portion of route 1 is due for an upgrade in 2025 and NOW is the time to speak up in favor of a bike lane or multi-use path (as the city has already built in two very short sections) to connect the many residential neighborhoods and businesses. State funding is there, and would go much further to create a multi-use path and other safety improvements than to jam five car lanes in portions where only three exist now.

Let’s protect the most vulnerable road users and further the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. 

“How cool would it be to bike with my kids for the one mile from my house to Vida Cantina or Cinemagic?